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Google Local Business Listing Optimization

To better understand the power of Google local SEO let's take a look at an example...

If someone in Atlanta were searching for affordable auto insurance they would likely turn to Google. They would then enter something like auto insurance Atlanta or Atlanta auto insurance into the search box.

If I was working with an insurance agency in Atlanta my goal would be to get them to appear in the first 3 search results under the map.

While this isn't an easy task, there are specific actions that can be taken to greatly improve your chances of earning this coveted spot. The businesses that appear in these top 3 spots will receive the most visits to their website and the most calls resulting in increased sales.


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What's Included In The Google Maps SEO Service?

The first step is to claim your FREE local business listing from Google!

Unfortunately, simply claiming your FREE listing doesn't mean that your business will show up when people search for products or services that you offer. Over the years smart business owners have come to understand just how valuable a top Google maps listing can be. As a result the marketplace has become much more competitive. The local marketing strategies that we use can help you dominate local search results.

Our team of experts will take the time to create a professional listing for your business that reflects your brand in a positive light. We will add pictures and videos for your clients and prospects to see, craft an engaging description and review every component of your maps listing to ensure it is fully optimized for Google.

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